Birth Pools in a Hospital or Birth Centre

Water birth is becoming an increasing option for women in childbirth and accepted in many more hospitals now.
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Once water birth was relegated to only home birth settings, now many hospitals and birth centres are providing on-site birth pools or allowing the use of your own birth pool as long as the hygiene standards are met.

A few years ago we saw the screening of one of our birth pools on Channel Nine’s show “Doctor, Doctor” which is a great scenario for birthing women as more hospitals and mainstream media embrace water birth as an option.

Many women have sought out childbirth in water for a variety of reasons including less pain, increased relaxation, fewer tears and increased mobility and flexibility.

A birthing pool creates a warm, nurturing space and environment for optimum relaxation. Deeper relaxation encourages the mother’s hormones to kick in so endorphin production increases, (the body’s natural analgesic), therefore regulating production of oxytocin, so contractions are more efficient, which can speed up the labour and delivery process.

Water also reduces pressure to the abdomen, which promotes more efficient uterine contractions and increased blood circulation, which in turn assists oxygenation of the uterine muscles, reducing pain for the mother and increasing oxygen to the baby. Natural birth is possible and manageable due to the properties of water. Babies born in water are usually born alert and calm and a birthing pool offers a gentle alternative for labour and birth for mum and baby, reducing the risk of postnatal depression and enhancing a healthy parent, child relationship.

water birth space

Many midwives and doctors support water and birthing pools as a safe and practical labour and birthing tool in normal uncomplicated pregnancies and births. If you are interested in finding out whether a water birth is for you, ask your midwife and explore your options. If you are giving birth in a hospital, ask about their water birthing options or support. It is important that you explore your alternatives and birth the way that is right for you.

If you want to hire or buy your own birth pool we have both options and provide our Birth Pools for hire with all accessories and to hospital standards. You can hire a birth pool from us have it delivered to your door or pick it up and easily set it up yourself. Besides an experienced Midwife, a supportive doula and a wonderful birth partner having your birthing space set up for a calm birth will help a great deal. Once you have hired your birth pool, you can set it up and create a beautiful space. Making sure the lighting is soft and the essentials you need are at hand are some of the things that can make the experience a more relaxed and prepared scenario.

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