Pool in a box Specifications

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Why choose a Birth Pool In A Box

Birth Pool In A Box are the most trusted brand on the market. They stand the test of time.

These birth pools have been specially developed for birthing mothers, families and birth support people with the help of their feedback, to support a safe water birth for both mother and child.

Available in two different sizes and either personal or professional grade. Take a look at the specifications below to find out which pool is the best option for you.

Double-reinforced exterior handles
Plain blue trim - no distractions
Adjustable height
No rough edges
Internal Seat
Cup Holder
Space for partner
Soft floor chamber
Doubly-reinforced top handles
Tested for quality, durability and stability
No drain plug
Clear inner wall
Egg shape
Adjustable Height
Doubly-reinforced exterior handles

Mothers requested these strong handles on the outside of the pool (2 sets, uniquely positioned) for use when leaning over the side (when birthing on knees). They are angled at 30 degrees for maximum comfort.

Mothers said they wanted a clear space to rest their heads with no distracting texts, images, or logos.

Midwives indicated that some mothers needed lower sides for ease of entry and exit. By releasing air from the middle chamber and topping up the remaining top and bottom chambers, you can easily adjust the height of the poo lwithout losing stability. 

Mothers requested that seams be smooth where they rest their heads, so there are no rough edges on the pool for ultimate comfort.

Mothers requested a comfy seat to labour on and then to sit and enjoy their baby in comfort.

To ensure that labouring women are able to stay hydrated , a cup holder has been built in.

Midwives and mothers agreed that internal handles in the pool might obstruct full movement and prevent effective use of a liner.

The Regular (2 persons) size pool has ample space for your partner, should they want to join you. Many couples enjoy the intimacy and shared experience that being together in the pool brings.

We believe in taking advice from professionals.Midwives requested a white floor to enhance visibility in the birthing pool and to monitor blood loss.

Mothers wanted comfort on the birth pool floor for those long hours on your knees. All our pools have a generously soft, inflated floor.

Mothers asked for handles to give them control over their movements in the water. They are also useful for gripping during contractions and to hold onto while getting in and out the pool.

Mothers unanimously agreed that the opaque external wall of the birthing pool increased their sense of privacy. We know that the release of oxytocin is a key factor to a successful labour and women who feel safe and private release more oxytocin.

Each pool is inflated and factory tested to ensure that it has no defects and then 5 – 10% are randomly sampled and tested again by independent inspectors. The sides are strong enough to allow a 95 Kg person to sit or lean on them. Midwives and birth partners love the width of the sides of the birth pool.

Midwives and mothers agreed that a drain plug was an unnecessary weak link in a birthing pool.

Mothers liked the perception of larger space created by having a clear inner wall.

Some mothers wanted to be cocooned while others wanted space, so the pool is an egg-shape. The seat in the narrower end with the top handles is a very popular place for women to sit in between contractions.

Mothers requested these strong handles on the outside of the pool (2 sets, uniquely positioned) for use when leaning over the side (when birthing on knees). They are angled at 30 degrees for maximum comfort.

Choose between regular and mini size

Some families have limited space, some moms wanted their partner to accompany them, others wanted as much freedom as possible in the pool. That’s why we made the birthing pool in Regular (2 person) and Mini (1 person) sizes to meet these needs.




<img src="https://birthafloat.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/Mini.png">

<img src="https://birthafloat.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/Regular.png">

Your priorities

You have limited space

You have limited hot water capacity

You want to feel envelopped 

You want your partner to join you

You want a feeling of space

External dimensions

165 x 145cm

193 x 165cm

Internal dimensions

114 x 94cm

142 x 114cm

Internal height



Depth of water

Min 45cm

Max 55cm

Min 45cm

Max 58cm

Rim width



Inflated floor



Built-in seat



Integrated cup holder



Disposable liner

Not included, liners available separately

Not included, liners available separately

MyAnchor Compatible



Pool material

0.38mm Eco PVC | Cadmium, Lead and Latex free

0.38mm Eco PVC | Cadmium, Lead and Latex free

Liner material

0.20mm Eco PVC | Cadmium, Lead and Latex free

0.20mm Eco PVC | Cadmium, Lead and Latex free

Recommended max height of mother

6' / 182cm

no limit

Room for partner



Volume of water (80% full)

480 litres

650 litres

Weight when filled

487kg (1,017 lbs) plus mother

659kg (1,450 lbs) plus mother