Our Story

For 25 years Birth Afloat have supported Australian midwives, doulas, mums and dads with quality birth pools and home birth accessories.
Our aim is to make natural childbirth at home a reality for every family.

We are proud to live and work on Bundjalung Country, east coast of Australia, Northern NSW.
You can learn more about us below or head to the shop to check out our range of birth pools for hire, sale and our home birthing accessories.

About me

Hi, I am Machatarn. I am the owner of Birth Afloat. I was blessed to have 2 amazing home births with my 2 babies, who are now 19 & 26! 

I am an advocate and supporter of natural labour and childbirth in water, homebirths and water birth in hospitals and birth centres. I believe in the philosophy of bringing our little ones into the world in a gentle and calm state through the practice of water birthing. Natural birth in water has so many benefits for both Mum and bub, and all can be involved in the birth. 

For 25 years Birth Afloat has been providing birth pools to mums, dads, midwives, doulas, hospitals and birth centres across Australia, Our birth pools and accessories have been shipped to over 14 different countries, across 4 continents.

We have for hire, handcrafted custom-made, heated, wooden pools and the ‘Pool In A Box’ inflatable pools and a range of birth pools and accessories for sale.

If you have any questions, I am always happy to chat in person, on the phone or a coffee in town. So please feel free to reach out if you would like to discuss your birth.