Our absorbent Bed Protection Pads are sold in Packs of 5 or 10

Silky soft, highly absorbent and waterproof bed protector.
Perfect for the Mum who’s just given birth.
When you just want to sit and marvel at your new little bub without worrying about soiling your bedding and mattress.

Super soft top cover and fabric layer to increase comfort on your sensitive skin while maintaining its strength and durability.
Absorbent core constructed from virgin fluff fibres to ensure fast absorbency and maximum comfort.
Soft waterproof backing designed to be silent and minimize movement when in use.
Any unused ones make an excellent baby change mat.
Reduces laundry costs.

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Bed Protection Pads


Bed Protection Pads – Available in 5 or 10 Pack

40cm x 60cm with 750 ml absorbency