Birth Pool Accessory Kit for hire


This accessory kit contains everything except the birth pool and liner to make the process of childbirth at home easy and convenient.
There’s a lot to consider if you’re planning childbirth in water.
We’ve been doing this for over 25 years, so you can feel confident in leaving these details up to us.
Sent to your door or pick up from Ocean Shores or Lawson, NSW.
Freight cost will be calculated after order is received.
Proceed through checkout, and only pay the $60 refundable deposit for now. The balance is due prior to your hire start date.
Complete booking form to reserve your kit.

* Plastic tub containing:
* Clean fill, 5.5 metre high grade, drinking
hose with adjustable nozzle and hose
Drainage system consisting of 5.5 metre
drainage hose with attachments, water
powered siphon pump and 5.5 metre vacuum
hose with collar
* Air pump
* 7 various hose and tap connections
* Digital Thermometer
* Debris net
* Multi Grips
* Thread seal tap
* Bed Protection Pad
* Full instructions and checklist
* Full phone support

Birth Pool Accessory Kit for hire


+ $60 refundable deposit

Childbirth in water made easy with this accessory kit.
Everything included except birth pool and liner.

Complete booking form to reserve.
Go through checkout and pay $60 deposit to book.