Birth Pool In A Box Professional Mini Pool is ideal for midwives, doulas, hospitals and birth centres as it is designed to be extra durable and resilient and proven to be extremely popular and reliable. Suitable for Mums who may like to have the space to themselves.

This Mini Professional Birth Pool is 44% thicker material than the Mini Personal Birth Pool and has an extra protective second layer on the base. Suitable for up to 40 uses.

The pool is designed to be always used with a Mini liner, which are sold separately. They also make cleaning up after a birth simple and convenient.

Heat retentions covers can also be purchased separately to assist in heat retention and covering a pool while not in use.

It does not contain any banned phthalates, cadmium, lead or latex and meets all applicable Medical Device standards in the EU and USA, carrying the CE mark under the EU Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.

External Dimensions    165cm x 145cm
Internal Dimensions     114cm x 94cm
Weight when filled     487kg plus mother

  • This pool is designed for smaller spaces and hot water systems.
  • Designed for one person.
  • The pool and liner are an integrated system and are designed to be used together.
  • Use without liner voids warranty.
  • This pool is egg shaped and has its own interior seat, which is ideal for labouring then sitting and feeding your newborn once they’ve arrived.
  • There are extra handles for different positions and directions.
  • The walls are adjustable as there are three chambers, so you can deflate one if required.
  • It has a high floor chamber, making it comfortable to kneel on.
  • The colours are carefully thought about.
  • The opaque outer wall increases privacy, while the inner clear walls offer the sense of space.
  • The white floor helps with visibility and the plain blue top has no distracting motifs or rough edges.
  • The outside base has a lip to catch drips from soiling your floor.
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Birth Pool In A Box Professional Mini Pool


The Birth Pool In A Box Professional Mini Pool is compact and ideal for smaller spaces and hot water systems.
Popular with midwives, doulas, hospitals and birth centres.