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Preparing your birth space

Preparing your birth space to welcome your new baby into the world can be a very special ritual.

Setting up the Birth Pool and creating a beautiful space that relaxes and makes you feel beautiful has enormous benefits and effects on the senses and in turn, the body. Candles and affirmations on the wall, cushions, your favourite flowers, aromatherapy oils- all of these things make your space beautiful and an atmosphere you want to be in.

We put together a little list of things that could be useful;

Candles or fairy lighting

Gentle and inspiring music (doing up a birth playlist ahead of time is good)

Towels and washcloths (though possibly not your best ones)

Aromatherapy Oils

Birth Ball/ fit ball or beanbag

Blankets and soft pillows

Receiving blankets for the baby

Bowl for the placenta

Plenty of liquids (coconut water is great for hydrating)

Bendy straw

Frozen cloth pads in the freezer

Nipple cream

Newborn Cloth Nappies

Your birth plan

Flowers (because they are beautiful like you).