Birth Pool Accessory Kit

This accessory kit is perfect for midwives and doulas who have their own pool and need an effective, convenient way of filling and emptying the birth pool.
Everything is included in this kit to ensure childbirth in water at home or in hospital is a streamlined and simple process.
Midwifery supplies is our business.

* Heavy duty plastic tub containing:
* Clean fill, 5.5 metre high grade, drinking
hose with adjustable nozzle and hose
Water powered drainage system consisting of
5.5 metre
drainage hose with attachments, water
powered siphon pump and 5.5 metre vacuum
hose with collar
* Air pump in waterproof bag
* 7 various tap and hose connections
* Digital thermometer
* Debris nets x 10
* Multi grips
* Thread seal tape x 3
* Full instructions and checklist
* Full phone support

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Birth Pool Accessory Kit


Do you have your own birth pool and liners?
This accessory kit contains everything else you’ll need.

Childbirth at home simplified.