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From pre-conception to post-birth, a midwife can provide invaluable advice and support not only to the mother, but to the whole family. Midwives are trained professionals who are experts in women’s reproductive health. Choosing a midwife is a very important decision. It is imperative that you feel safe and comfortable with your choice, and that you have a connection with the man or woman who will be by you side through this pivotal time of your life. We at Birth Afloat recommend speaking to a variety of midwives to find one who is right for you. Consider discussing their qualifications, experience, fees, and situations they have previously dealt with, to ensure your pregnancy and birth are the best they can be.

Where does the term ‘midwife’ come from?

The term ‘midwife’ comes from Old English and means ‘with the woman’. It is a word that can apply to both men and women, but due to cultural and historical traditions, the majority of midwives are still women. Midwives are independent practitioners who provide advice, care, and support pertaining to the physical and emotional needs of the expectant mother and their families. They consider psychological aspects to alleviate any fears the mother might be having, and encourage active participation of family members to enhance familial bonding and support the mother. A midwife will provide care from before conception until up to a month after the baby is born.

Midwives centre their care on the woman to allow the mother freedom of choice throughout her journey. While obstetricians are taught to actively manage labour, midwives are taught not to intervene unless necessary. They are also taught to recognise situations outside of their area of expertise, in which case they will refer to an obstetrician. Rather than depending on medical technology and medications to induce labour and manage pain, they encourage the mother to follow her intuition and instincts to allow for a natural birth.

A certified midwife is trained to recognize and handle complications and abnormalities such as breech birth and posterior positioning, and to identify high-risk pregnancies and make referrals to doctors or other medical specialists where necessary. Midwives are also trained in basic life support for a newborn and can administer care until a paediatrician, neonatologist, or obstetrician is available. They are not trained to perform C-sections, and depending on their level of training, may not be able to administer drugs or anaesthesia. However, they can suture if required. If transfer from a home birth to a hospital became necessary, the midwife would accompany the mother and continue supporting her there.
Studies of low-risk patients have shown that only 5% of midwife-attended births required a Caesarean to be performed, as opposed to 32.7% in hospital births.

Most women I’ve spoken to have developed a very strong, emotional bond with their midwife. They are, after all doing the most important job in the world, assisting you in safely bringing in a new life into the world.

NSW Midwives

Kelly Walker Midwife
Tweed to Byron Bay
0413 460 665

Libby Lamb
0459 078 011

Byron Bay Midwife Services

Emma Fitzpatrick
Midwife in Private Practice (Midwives @ Sydney and Beyond)
Location: Western Sydney, The Hawkesbury and The Blue Mountains areas
Phone: 0432724103

Hannah Dahlen
Midwife in Private Practice[Midwives @ Sydney and Beyond]
Phone 0407 643 943

Hazel Keedle
Location: Upper Blue Mountains NSW
Mobile: 0408 661 503

Jane Palmer
Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond[Midwives @ Sydney and Beyond]
Location: Dundas Valley
Phone: 9873 1750

Jane Crawford
0402 633 622
Location: 1 hour radius of Mudgeeraba Gold Coast and Nth NSW

Janine O’Brien
iBirth – Intimate Birth & Beginnings[Midwives @ Sydney and Beyond]
Location: Sydney, Northern Beaches and surrounding suburbs
Mobile:  0422 969 961

Jayne Alder
Birth Consultant and Midwife
Gold Coast & Byron Bay
Phone: 02 6685 4630
Mobile: 0418981270

Jayne offers nurturing and supportive one on one consultations on and around giving birth. Please phone or email Jayne for more information.

Jessica Simms
Phone: 02 6684 1905
Mobile: 0427 079 322

Jo Hunter
Homebirth Midwife
Location: Blue Mountains and Sydney
Phone:  (02) 47519840;  0412 315 228

Lynne Austin
Phone: 02 6688 825
Mobile: 0427 888 253

Marie Heath
Midwyf  Services
Private practice midwives providing midwifery care to women and families in Southern NSW, ACT and the South Coast.
Mobile – 0407 266004
Email –

Marion Buchner
Registered midwife
Northern NSW: Mullumbimby, Byron Bay, Ballina, Lismore, Tweed
02-66846858  0409408842

Melanie Jackson
The Ella May Centre[Midwives @ Sydney and Beyond]
Location: Western Suburbs & Blue Mountains
Phone:  0425 280 682

Rachael Austin
Gentle birth Pregnancy & Birth Education
Central QLD Phone: (07) 4993 1213
Mobile: 0419 750 780

Rachele Meredith
With Woman Midwifery Care
Location: Illawarra, Southern Highlands, Southern Sydney, Shoalhaven & Canberra.
Phone:  0421 721 497

Robyn Dempsey
New Beginnings Midwifery Practice[Midwives @ Sydney and Beyond]
Location: North Ryde
Phone: 9888 7829

Sonya Beutel
Phone/Fax: 0408 453 964
Phone A/H: (07) 4634 5030 clinic
Fax A/H: (07) 3102 919

Ti Harrison
North Ocean Shores
Phone: 02 6680 3888
Mobile: 0405 263 883

Anne Endres
Precious Life Midwifery Service
Sunshine Coast , QLD
Tel.: 0423109559
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