Birth Pool Hire and Sales

Birth Afloat is proud to have been offering Birth Pool Hire and sales of birth pools and accessories worldwide for nearly 20 years.

We hire Heated Wooden Birth Pool Kits for home births in selected areas and Birth Pool In A Box Birth Pool Kits with either a regular or small pool that we can ship to you wherever you’re birthing in Australia. They’re successfully used in homes, hospitals and birth centres all over the world. Our Birth Pool Kits come to you sterilized and complete with everything you’ll need to set up a carefree water birth journey. We’ve thought of it all, so you don’t need to!

We’re passionate about water birth and its amazing benefits during labour and birth, so our aim is to make your water birth journey smooth, carefree, wet and wonderful as possible. Please give us a call so we can discuss your specific needs.

Water birth - the gentle way

To birth in water, from womb to world, the gentle journey for you and your baby.

Birthing is a sacred rite and to create your own birth environment incorporating  water is the most natural way for your baby to enter this world. A water birth pool, soft music, aromatherapy, massage, acupressure, breathing and visualizations can be easily incorporated when you’re in control of your water birth journey.

In an uncomplicated, pregnancy and birth scenario, the transition from womb to warm fluid in your birthing pool under soft lights in a calm environment alleviates the stress factor for both mum and baby. The amazing properties of water have continuously been reported as making the labour and water birth process into a private, calm, spiritual experience where the mother’s natural instincts can been followed. Remember, your body knows what to do, so statistically there is less intervention necessary.

Your own birthing pool provides a private, contained space to feel safe, comfortable and secure within. These factors contribute to reducing the psychological impact of pain.

According to the Gate Control Theory of Pain, (Melzak & Wall) stimulus on the superficial nerve endings in the skin can override
the sensation of pain being transmitted by deeper nerves. Therefore warm water on your lower back, where your spinal chord
receives the nerves from the lower abdominal region, can significantly reduce labour pain.

A birthing pool creates a warm and nurturing space and environment for optimum relaxation. Deeper relaxation encourages the mother’s hormones to kick in so endorphin production increases, (the body’s natural analgesic), therefore regulating production of oxytocin, so contractions are more efficient, which can speed up the labour and delivery process.

Water reduces pressure to the abdomen, which promotes more efficient uterine contractions and increased blood circulation, which in turn assists oxygenation of the uterine muscles, reducing pain for the mother and increasing oxygen to the baby. Natural birth is possible and manageable due to the properties of water. Babies born in water are usually born alert and calm.

Water completely supports a drug free birth by relaxing the pelvic floor muscles and eliminating pain by blocking the impulses from the pain fibres and therefore reducing or eliminating the need for drugs and intervention. There are no side effects connected to the use of water.

The calming nature of water reduces blood pressure and conserves energy to make the whole process less strenuous and more enjoyable.

Water softens the skin, which greatly reduces the risk of perineal trauma and episiotomies.

Births where the mother is conscious and aware puts her in control of her own birth experience,which leads to a feeling of accomplishment and empowerment.

The water and space in the birthing pool allows the mother to move around freely and uninhibited to assume different positions.

Watch your baby take their first breath.

Water birth is statistically as safe as giving birth on dry land. Your baby is still connected to the umbilical cord and is receiving an oxygenated blood supply via the placenta. Babies do not receive the stimulus to breathe when born without stress into water. They do not need to breathe until the cord is cut as it remains soft and continues to pulse after delivery. You will get to hold, watch, wonder and share your baby’s first breath as you bring them up out of the water.

Many midwives and doctors support water and birthing pools as a safe and practical labour and birthing tool in normal uncomplicated pregnancies and births. For optimal advantage, because water is so incredibly relaxing, it’s advisable to enter the pool when labour is established, usually around 4-5 cm dilated or when contractions are about 5 minutes apart. Otherwise it may make labour longer. This is when you’ll feel the most relief from the flood of hormones and the delivery process will be sped up.

The option of using water in a birthing pool offers a gentle alternative for labour and birth for mum and baby, reducing the risk of postnatal depression and enhancing a healthy parent, child relationship.

Babies born in a relaxed environment have a greater chance of developing into a well-adjusted adult.

A gentle birth is possible in water and the bond it creates for families encourages a healthier relationship between everyone
in the family and leaves the mother with an amazing sense of empowerment.

Please consider water for baby and you.