Birth Afloat Rental Agreement

Birth Afloat assures you that your Birth Pool Kit will be complete, clean and sterilized when you receive it.

1. This agreement is between you and Birth Afloat 5 Bobra Glen, Ocean Shores, 2483.

2. The term of this agreement is for 21 days commencing on the agreed hire date to be returned by the agreed return date.

3. Equipment to be hired includes all items listed on the ‘Checklist’ provided in the tub. If used, the disposable liner provided with the inflatable pools and the debris net are to be discarded after use and not to be returned.

4.  A confirmation email will confirm bookings completed online at

5. Bookings will only be confirmed when all 3 steps below are completed.

a. Complete a Booking Slip
b. Read and agree to this Rental Agreement.
c. Pay a $100 holding deposit.

6.  The $100 deposit is retained for the duration of the hire period and is refundable at the time of the pool’s return, providing:

Cancellations are accepted up until 24 hours before your dispatch date and a partial refund is issued.
A $30 administration and processing fee is retained.

a. All equipment is returned with the pool as per the ‘Checklist’ provided in the tub.
b. All equipment is returned clean, dry and undamaged (except disposable liner with Inflatable Pool Kits and debris net if used).
c The kit is returned on or before the agreed return date.

7.  Final Payment is required on or before the date your birth pool kit is to be collected or dispatched. In the case of your Pool Kit being delivered, all payments owed must be cleared in our account or proof of payment must be received, before your Pool Kit is dispatched

8. Extension of Term
Should an extension of this term be necessary the cost will be the daily amount applicable to your pool. The amount is deducted from the deposit and the balance is settled on the pool’s return. Should an extension of this term be necessary, please phone on or before pool’s return date to inform us to extend the rental period.

9.  The pools are not to be used without a liner. Extra liners are available for inflatable pools on request.

10.  The agreed hire fee is still payable even if you don’t end up using the pool.

11.   Birth Afloat and its associates cannot be held liable for the outcome of your birth or any other issue arising with the use of water during your birth and labour.

12. Birth Afloat cannot be held liable for any injury or death that occurs as a result of the birth pool.

13. Birth Afloat and its associates cannot be held liable for any damage caused by improper or misuse of any equipment hired from us, or any use of equipment that is contrary to the included instructions.

14. Any and all damages occurring during your hire period are to be paid in full over and above the retained $100 deposit paid when booking your pool kit.