Hire A Heated, Wooden, Birth Pool Small


To hire this pool, please agree the the Terms and Conditions, complete the Booking Slip below and pay a $100 refundable deposit.

Your confirmation will be emailed to you when these have been received.

Our Small, Heated, Wooden Birth Pool Kit is perfect for smaller spaces and hot water systems.

3 week hire period


Heated Birth Pool Kit for Hire

Heated Wooden Birth Pool.

Heated Wooden Birth Pool.

Our Small Heated, Wooden Birth Pools are designed for home births.

They are  1200 x 1200 metres square and 600mm high.

They are ideal for smaller spaces and water restrictions and come with all accessories.

They are solid and strong so you can safely use the sides to assist in pushing, yet they’re softly padded all around and very cosy.

They are  600mm so you can completely submerge your whole body for complete weightlessness.

They hold around 800 litres at 70% full.

The lining for the pool is a durable PVC  in a lovely calming blue colour, which is sterilised by us to hospital grade standards in between every hire.

It comes complete with all the padding you need and an internal seat, giving you the options of different birthing positions during labour and is ideal to sit on to feed and snuggle with your new born baby once they are born.

The heating elements effectively heat the water from cold to 37° in around 3½ hours. This eliminates a lot of unnecessary time and energy being spent adjusting the temperature by draining out cold water to add more hot, therefore saving water.

They also serve as a useful shelf in the corner of your pool. They draw 2400 watts and 240 volts each.

To hire a Small, Heated, Wooden Birth Pool Kit, you can go to the

Hire a Birth Pool Kit‘ page or fill out the booking slip below.

1/ Complete the Booking Slip here or below.

2/ Agree to the Rental Agreement by reading the Terms and Conditions of Hire and indicating so on your Booking Slip.

3/ Pay the applicable refundable deposit.

This confirms your booking and guarantees you will have a pool available for you.

Your Rental Agreement will be emailed to the address you supply in the booking slip.

The refundable deposit which is payable at the time of booking and held during the term of the agreement is refundable at the end of the rental period, providing your pool kit is returned within the designated hire period and the kit comes back clean, complete and in good condition.

Payment can be made via direct deposit, PayPal or via this site.

You will receive a receipt of payment and your booking will be confirmed by email.

Final payment is required one week prior to the date your Birth Pool Kit hire period begins if your pool is being sent to you.

If collecting your Birth Pool Kit, payment is required one week prior to the date your Birth Pool Kit hire period begins or cash is accepted when you pick your Pool Kit up.

If the hire period needs to be extended, a daily fee of $20- will be charged which will be deducted from the deposit.

Any other overdue amounts or remaining deposit returning to you, is settled on the return of the pool.

A confirmation email and receipt will be emailed to you.

Please feel free to ring me at any time for advice on your pool kit.

Booking Slip

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