Birth Pool In A Box Professional – Regular


Designed and guaranteed for up to 40 uses. Ideal for midwives, birth centres, hospitals and home births.

Liners sold separately for this Pool.


Birth Pool In A Box Professional – Regular

The Birth Pool In A Box Pro Pool is our luxurious model of Birth Pools and boasts many great features.

It’s designed as a multi use pool, [up to 40 uses] so it’s Ideal for home births, midwives, birth centres and hospitals.

Birth Pool In A Box Specs

  • External max length 76″ (193cm)
  • External max width 65″ (165cm)
  • External height 28″ (71cm)
  • Internal max length 56″ (142cm)
  • Internal max width 45″ (114cm)
  • Internal depth 26″ (66cm)
  • Water capacity 650 litres – 80% filled – 730 litres – 90% filled
  • Filled weight with mother 730-770kg
  • Material – pool 0.38mm eco-friendly PVC
  • Material – liner 0.20mm eco-friendly PVC
  • It comes with an optional heat retention cover for those long labours.
  • It is egg shaped and larger so you can fit family members in as well, with room to spare.
  • This pool has its own interior seat, which is ideal for labouring then sitting and feeding your newborn once they’ve arrived.
  • There are extra handles for different positions and directions.
  • The walls are adjustable as there are three chambers, so you can deflate one if required.
  • It has a high floor chamber with no drain plug.
  • The colours are carefully thought about too. The opaque outer wall increases privacy, while the inner clear walls offer the sense of space.
  • The white floor helps with visibility and the plain blue top has no distracting motifs or rough edges.


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