Bamboo Breast Pads – Organic -12 Pack


Waterproof, Absorbent, Soft


Bamboo Breast Pads – Organic – 12 Pack

Waterproof, Absorbent, Soft

Bountiful Bubs Bamboo Breast Pads have an outer waterproof PUL layer and an outer layer of soft bamboo fibre for extra absorbency with a hidden microfibre cotton inserts for increased durability.
The soft poly layer is completely waterproof so you can go out with confidence knowing it will protect you.

They are 12cm in diameter, making them the perfect size to tuck inside a feeding bra

The bamboo content makes them ultra-comfortable (great for sensitive nipples) and the antibacterial properties  reduce the risk of bacterial or fungal infections, including thrush.

Bountiful Bubs waterproof, bamboo breast pads are an incredibly soft, hygienic, reliable, affordable, environmentally friendly solution for breastfeeding mums.

Protect your clothes against milk stains and avoid potentially embarrassing wet circles on your top!

Machine-washable, they are a perfect breast-feeding accessory.

Why Washable Bamboo Breast Pads? Your Questions Answered.

Why do I need breast pads?
Leaking breasts are an unavoidable part of breastfeeding in the early weeks or months.  This should reduce as your supply settles down and feeding intervals increase. Without the protection of breast pads you may be left with a wet shirt every time your milk lets down. When you feed baby on one side, the other side will also let down and may leak into your bra and top. Wearing breast pads provides protection while feeding and for times when you may be due for a feed (like when you’re caught at the shops or at work away from baby!)

What makes bamboo breast pads different?
Bountiful Bubs washable bamboo breast pads comprise of two layers of bamboo with microfibre cotton between the layers. The bamboo content makes them ultra-comfortable (great for sensitive nipples) and the antibacterial properties reduce the risk of infection.

How often do I need to change breast pads?
It’s recommended that you change breast pads every three to four hours (or at feeding times). Breast milk is rich in nutrients and combined with the warmth of your body this makes pads an ideal breeding ground for bacterial or fungal infection. This is why the anti-bacterial qualities of bamboo are so perfectly suited to breast pads.

What are the benefits of washable pads over disposable pads?
Washable pads can be thrown in with a regular load of washing (use a gentle washing detergent) and are convenient and affordable. Disposable breast pads are more expensive and generally have a slightly papery feel to them. If they accidentally get thrown in the wash with your underwear they can ooze a sticky gel that can adhere to other clothes in your wash. The decision is ultimately a personal one, but the main benefits of washable pads are comfort, cost-savings and reduced environmental impact.