Home Birth


A beautiful 9 minute video of a gentle home water birth. Compliments of Belinda and Documenting Delight.

home birth

Home birth is a lifestyle choice.  Parents choose home birth so they know they will have control over their birth and who will be present.
I respect every woman’s choice to birth as she pleases and what is right for her at that time, whether it is a home birth, in a birth centre or in a hospital, natural or caesarean. The most important aspect of a successful birth journey is the comfort and safety of the birthing mother and baby, so the choice should always be hers.

home birth 2

Surrounded by your family. It’s only natural.

I am fortunate to live in an area, here in the Byron Shire, where alternative methods of birthing are readily accepted and easily available.  After having a home birth with both of my children underwater, with the midwives of my choice, I feel passionate that this was the right choice for me, my gentle, sacred ritual, and urge other ‘mum’s to be’, to consider home birth as an option for their birth.

home birth

Relaxing in your own environment with no strangers present lets you be at ease.

When a woman is in her own home, her familiar comfort zone surrounded by her family and selected loved ones for support, it brings with it a familiarity that enhances the feeling of relaxation.  Birth need not be a stressful time and to be able to decorate your sacred space to prepare for the birth ritual, play music of your choice, burn incense, have an alter set up with all your precious photos, crystals and personal tokens of what birth means for you, sets up a atmosphere of intimacy that greatly enhances the experience and sets the scene for a gentle birthing journey and a strong healthy bond between baby and the rest of the family who can actively be involved. In this environment, women tend not to enter the fear zone that hospital machinery and often officious attitudes can bring with it.  For this reason, home birth is a very safe alternative.  Statistically just as safe, if not safer than being in a hospital.

home birth

Home birth puts you in control of your birth journey.

Have a birthing pool in my own home made the experiences the ultimate one for me.  No drugs were required.  The soothing effect brought about by being submersed in my own warm cocoon enhanced relaxation and made the contractions manageable and more effective.  Everything progressed naturally, and I was empowered and in control of my own births and each birth have left an everlasting memory of the most two beautiful experiences of my life.