We have two sizes of Heated, Wooden Birth Pools suitable for home births.

The large pool is 1.5 metres square and 60cm high. It holds around 1000 litres at 3/4’s full.
The small pool is 1.2 metres square and 60cm high. It holds around 750 litres at 3/4’s full.

They are both large enough for two or more people but the smaller one caters for smaller spaces and hot water systems. They are fully padded out so are soft and strong.

The heat elements will heat the water from cold to birthing temperature, around 38 degrees, in around 4 hours for the large pool and 3 hours for the small pool.

They both come with all the accessories necessary and are quick and easy to set up and empty the pool with our water powered siphon system.

Everything is sterilized when you receive it, to hospital grade standards.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual needs or if you require any further information.