Birth Afloat Birth Pools

Birth Afloat Birth Pools for Hire

At Birth Afloat we aim to make your

water birth journey as easy and carefree as possible.

Inflatable Birth Pool Kits and accessories for hire and sale, for use in homes, hospitals, birth centres and birth houses Australia wide and servicing Sydney,  Newcastle, Byron Shire and beyond with Heated Wooden Pool Kits to hire for home births.

We also supply Inflatable Birth Pools and disposable liners to hospitals, midwives, doulas and birth centres for the Birth Pool In A Box and Made In Water birth pools.

So wherever you are choosing to use water in your birth journey, we can ensure you have your very own, personal, sterilized birth pool that can be delivered to you or picked up, depending on where you are, complete with everything you’ll need for a smooth water birth journey.
We’ve thought of it all, so you don’t have to.

After 18 years experience with hiring out birth pools, we know what is required for a smooth, carefree water birth and our aim is to make it easy for you so it’s one less thing you will need to think of.

Our Birth Pool Kits include everything  you’ll need to quickly and easily set up a birth pool anywhere.

Each kits come to you sterilized and meticulously checked and repacked between each client.

The pools are inflated, inspected, cleaned and disinfected.  The hoses are flushed, disinfected and hung out to dry after each use to guarantee the quality and cleanliness of every item in our pool kits.

We have the Inflatable Birth Pool In A Box and Made In Water Birth Pool Kits for hire and sale

and Wooden Heated Birth Pool Kits for hire.   See below for what is included in our kits.

To book one of these kits, go to Book A Birth Pool Kit and fill out the online form.

 Your Hired Inflatable Birth Pool Kit contains:

  •      Birth Pool of your choice.
    Either a Birth Pool In A Box Regular or Mine – or a La Bassine Made In Water 
  •      Heat Retention Cover [optional]
  •      1 x  Disposable liner
  •      Electric pump for inflating
  •      Clean fill, 4 metre hose with adjustable nozzle and attachments.
  •      Drainage system consisting of 4 metre hose, water powered pump and 5½ metre vacuum hose with collar.
  •      Tap connections with tap nut and bushing thread and extra hose joiner
  •      Extension Hose and joiner [optional]
  •      Plastic Tub
  •      Thermometer
  •      Debris Net
  •      Pliers
  •      Instructions and 24 hour support.
Heated Birth Pool

Sydney’s Heated Birth Pool $350                              For a Three Week Rental Period


Available For Home Births in Sydney, Northern NSW and QLD

Your Wooden, Heated Birth Pool Kit Includes:

  •      A strong, padded Heated Wooden Birth Pool    
  •       Inner padding  to make it cozy and comfortable
  •      2  Heating elements
  •      A clean fill, 4 metre hose with adjustable nozzle and universal tap connections.
  •      A water powered drainage system consisting of a 4 metre hose, a pump and 5½ metre vacuum hose      with collar.
  •      3 part tap connections with tap, nut and bushing thread 
  •      Extension Hose and joiner {Optional if required}
  •      Thermometer
  •      Debris Net
  •      Pliers
  •      Instructions and 24 hour support.