Mini Pool In A Box Birth Pool Kit 

Our Mini Pool In A Box Birth Pool Kit is a convenient Sterile Birth Pool Kit that can be delivered to your door or picked up from two locations. Telopea in Sydney and Ocean Shores in the Byron Shire. The whole Kit is contained in 1 tub that can be easily transported to wherever you are birthing. They have been successfully used and preferred in many hospitals and birth centres around Australia wide. The Birth Pool In A Box is our compact luxurious model of Inflatable Birth Pool Kits and boasts many great features. They’re ideal for small spaces and hot water systems.

We’ve taken great care to include everything you’ll need for a stress free water birth journey. We’ve thought of it all, so you don’t need to. You’ve got enough going on as it is and we’ve been doing this for a long time and we know what is needed for a smooth water birth journey. You can relax and leave that to us. All of the kit components are checked, washed and sterilized in between every hire to ensure quality every time and we offer full support for your entire hire period. 

The Kit contains 1 disposable liner, valued at $73.oo, which makes the clean up so quick and easy.
We include several tap connections in the kits that can adapt to taps in various locations.

The water powered siphon system makes the emptying process a breeze and can be used to regulate the temperature during a birth.  It siphons 600 litres in 10 minutes. It’s completely silent and does not require electricity. You’ll need to set your pool up within 5 metres of your draining point, which ideally can be a garden, floor drain or toilet. The hoses from your water source to your pool can be extended if necessary, upon request.

It is a 3 week rental period and we leave it up to you when you’d like your Pool Kit. I advise to allow enough time prior to your due date to set up your pool and not wait until labour begins. 10 days to 2 weeks is usually a comfortable time period.
Once it is set up, cover it with a double bed fitted sheet to keep off any dust. Don’t fill it with water until you are sure that labour has begun.

Should you need to extend your rental period, just let us know by the return date shown on the top of the tub. The daily rate of $15 will apply after that date and be deducted off the deposit you pay when booking your pool.

Our aim is to make this process as easy as possible for you to achieve the birth you desire.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or you’d like to discuss which Pool Kit might best suit your needs.

When hiring a Birth Pool In A Box Kit you receive:

  •  Birth Pool In A Box Mini
  •  1 Disposable Liner
  •  Electric Air pump to inflate and deflate
  •  Clean fill water hose with shower attachment
  •  Water powered siphon system 
  • 7 various tap connections
  • Thread seal tape
  • Thermometer
  • Debris Net
  • Pliers
  • Full instructions
  • Patch kit

We take great pride in ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with the condition and standard of our pools and our friendly efficient service. 

Nothing but the best for you and your baby.

3 Simple Steps To Hire a Large Heated Birth Pool Kit


  1. Complete the Booking Slip here or below.
  2. Agree to the Rental Agreement by reading the  Terms and Conditions of Hire and indicating so on your Booking Slip.
  3. Pay a $150 refundable deposit.

Your Booking Confirmation and Rental Agreement will be emailed to you with an invoice for the balance which is payable on or before your Hire start date. This confirms your booking and guarantees you will have a pool available for you.
The $150 deposit which is payable at the time of booking and held during the term of the agreement is refundable at the end of the rental period, providing your Pool Kit is returned within the designated hire period and the kit comes back clean, dry, complete and in good condition.
Payment can be made via direct deposit, credit card over the phone or PayPal.
Please use your full name as the reference.
Final payment is required one week prior to the date your Birth Pool Kit hire period begins if your pool is being sent to you.
If collecting your Birth Pool Kit, payment is required on or before your Hire Start Date. If using Direct Deposit, please allow enough time for transfer to occur or send a Transaction Record to confirm payment.
Cash is also acceptable when you pick your Pool Kit up.
If the hire period needs to be extended, a daily fee of $15 will be charged which will be deducted from the $150 deposit at the end of your hire period.
Please feel free to ring me at any time for advice on your pool kit.

Feature The Mini The Regular
External dimensions 65″ x 57″ – 165 x 145cm 76″ 65″ – 193 x 165cm
Internal dimensions 45″ x 37″ – 114 x 94cm 56″ x 45″ – 142 x 114cm
Internal Height 26″ – 66cm 27″ – 69cm
Depth of Water Min 18″ – 45cm
Max 22″ – 55cm
Min 18″ – 45cm
Max 23″ – 58cm
Rim Width 10″ – 25cm 10″ – 25cm
Inflated Floor 2″ – 5cm 2″ – 5cm
Built-in Seat Yes Yes
Integrated Cup Holder Yes Yes
Disposable Liner Yes Yes
My Anchor Compatible Yes Yes
Pool Material 0.38mm Eco PVC
Cadmium, Lead and Latex free
Liner Material 0.20mm Eco PVC
Cadmium, Lead and Latex free
Recommended Max Height of Mother 6′ or 182cm no limit
Room for Partner No Yes
Volume of Water (80% Full) 480 litres 650 litres
Weight when Filled 487kg (1,017 lbs) plus mother 659kg (1,450 lbs) plus mother

– It comes with an optional heat retention cover for those long labours.

– It is egg shaped and larger so you can fit family members in as well, with room to spare.

– This pool has its own interior seat, which is ideal for labouring then sitting and feeding your newborn once they’ve arrived.

– There are extra handles for different positions and directions.

– The walls are height adjustable as there are three chambers, so you can deflate one if required.

– It has a high floor chamber with no drain plug. {Our siphon deals with that issue.}

– The colours are carefully thought about too. The opaque outer wall increases privacy, while the inner clear walls offer the sense of space.

– The white floor helps with visibility and the plain blue top has no distracting motifs or rough edges.